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We are a young and enthusiastic company based in Vosselaar-Belgium with a specialization in road construction, especially the finishing of this. After all, a road surface is only completely finished when the joints of the laid concrete paving stones, natural stone, cobblestones, etc. have been placed in a professional manner and thus long-term use of the surface is guaranteed without problems.

For years we have been responsible for the right finish with the best products for both the government and for private care and we can be proud of our results.

Based on our knowledge and the results we have achieved, we have been approached by the producer of special joint mortars from Pflastermeister in Austria that have successfully applied and applied these products under the most stringent conditions and under extreme weather conditions.

Because roads (and public roads) do not consist exclusively of concrete paving stones, natural stone, clinkers or cobblestones, but also of asphalt and we receive many questions about this, we have entered into a partnership with the manufacturer Road Repair from Spelle (Germany). This company not only has a very wide range of repair asphalt products, but also a very large machine park with which large surfaces can be executed at record speed and in an expert manner.

Our company, Van Beers Projects bvba, delivers our products from stock from our warehouse in the Antwerp region or you can also pick them up after receiving our warehouse ticket.

Our field of activity includes the regions Belgium / Southern Netherlands and Luxembourg.

If you want more information / price quotation about our products and / or services, we ask you to contact us via the contact form on our website or via the sales department for the following email addresses: