Premium Grass

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Technical Data:
Dimensions 50x50x4cm
Load empty – filled 100T/m2
Aantal/m2 4 pieces/m2
Packaging unit 60 m2 per palet = 240 pieces
Application slope, driveway, parking
Use high frequency
 Material min.5mm.  Max.20mm
Color available in green and black



Placement regulations
Foundation with broken stone rubble 0/32 according to load: garden applications – 5 to 10 cm

light traffic – 15 to 20 cm

heavy traffic – <20 cm

Add a 10 cm layer of lava rock substrate and press it
Place the Premium Grass and fill with substrate / soil to the edge
Sow with grass seed
Wait until the grass has fully developed before loading


Premium Grass

Premium grass is a high-quality grass tile that ensures a harmonious and stable green zone for your driveway, parking lot, terrace or walking path. These grass tiles ensure that no traces or pits are formed. Moreover, these are also passable after heavy rainfall. In addition, this tile is also extremely suitable for gravel. Simply the solution for a permanently even surface.

  • Water permeable
  • Loadable up to 100T / m²
  • Recyclable
  • UV and frost resistant