Jointing Mortar SPEED

Jointing Mortar SPEED
Technical data:
Color grey / light grey
Largely grain 1mm
Dry raw density 2160 Kg
Compression strength na 24 uur   >30 N/mm2
na 72 uur.   >60 N/mm2
na 7 dagen >75 N/mm2
na 28 dagen>80 N/mm2
Tensile bending strength 9N/mm2
Adhesive tensile strength 4N/mm2
Joint width min.5mm.  Max.20mm
Consumption ca. 2,2 Kg/l cavity
Processing time ca.15-30 minuten
Processing temperature +5C tot +25 C
Frost- and de-icing salt resistance bestendig vlgs. ONR 23303
Patented additive patent nr.516171


Jointing Mortar SPEED

The PFLASTERMEISTER JOINTING MORTAR SPEED is particularly suitable for:

  • the early-heavy-trafficking bound paving construction type,
  • jointing stone or slab pavings
  • joint spaces of 8 mm to 20 mm
  • repairing damage on jointing material / refurbishing joints
  • areas subjected to full load after 24 hours.

The PFLASTERMEISTER JOINTING MORTAR SPEED is inserted over a small area as a slurry grout mortar with plastic consistency. To facilitate the jointing process, make sure to use a lot of water before, during and after jointing. Before jointing, the area to be jointed must be pre-wet for sufficient amount of time, using a lot of water. This renders the stones or slabs dust-free and ensures that enough moisture is stored within the paving construction. Inserting the PFLASTERMEISTER JOINTING MORTAR SPEED can also be done during a light drizzle.

The PFLASTERMEISTER JOINTING MORTAR SPEED is designed to offer full load bearing capability already after 24 hours. This applies exclusively for the joint fillers. The layers below (porous concrete and bedding concrete) must be built accordingly with fast drying concrete. Depending on the temperature, the processing time is 15-30 minutes. Jointing large areas must be done quickly, section by section. Due to the free-flowing properties of the PFLASTERMEISTER JOINTING MORTAR SPEED, it can only be used for areas with a maximum surface gradient of 5 %. For higher gradients, the joint spaces must be filled in two working steps.

The PFLASTERMEISTER JOINTING MORTAR SPEED should only be used under temperatures below 20 °C/ 68 °F and under no direct exposure to sunlight. Otherwise the processing time reduces rapidly and the cleaning process will be significantly more difficult. During direct exposure to sunlight, it must be ensured during jointing that the surface is constantly kept MOIST. If too much water is used, a “sinter layer” may develop and the surface of the jointing mortar will fade. The small sections must be jointed and cleaned sequentially.
Cleaning the paving is then done by scraping off the excess jointing mortar using a squeegee; the final cleaning can then be done with a sponge board, a sponge cleaning machine or a high pressure cleaner.